Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The World Changed Last Night

We've woken up in a different country this morning. Barriers have been broken. There is a renewed sense of hope. The future looks just a little brighter. We've thrown our hat over JFK's wall and have reclaimed it by daring to climb over.
Electing Barack Obama to be our 44th President, hopefully, will be the tipping point for this country. With a fresh face, fresh perspective and fresh ideas leading America, we may yet reclaim the greatness that we once had and took for granted. We may achieve the enlightenment (A word the Conservatives have used in a derogatory manner) that Europe enjoys today.
But like Obama's catchy campaign slogan "Yes We Can", these are just words and thoughts to rally behind. Nothing will change without us caring about what is happening to this world, both physically and politically. We have to start holding our leaders (the people working FOR US) accountable for their actions again. And we have to hold Barack Obama to a higher standard and expect more from him then we've ever have with previous leaders because that is the only way change will happen.
Looking back on the eight years, I realise that I've bitched and moaned about the state of things and have done nothing more. I should have been marching down Michigan Avenue in Chicago protesting the unjust war with my Mother-in-Law Mary. She's in her 70's with artificial hips and she marched and shouted and risked arrest while I sat on my couch and watched in on TV. As I type this I am genuinely ashamed of my inaction.
These feelings are fresh and strong now and we should celebrate but they will fade as time moves forward. That's the way we are.
On November 4, 2009 will we still feel the same way about President Barack Obama?
I hope so.


  1. Bruce, great first post! I've had similar regrets myself about getting more involved with my community and standing up for the issues that I believe in. I think Obama, with his past as a community organizer in Chicago, will be able to inspire us all to become more involved and improve things from the ground up!

    I'm anxious, hopeful, excited, wary, and many other emotions about the years to come, but I believe today and hope not to be disappointed. I know there's still work to be done (MN senate/congress elections kept Norm Coleman and Michele Bachman in office, and Proposition 8 was passed in California as examples), but I think Obama and the victory in the senate across the country is a great start!

    Keep posting, and I expect more cynicism in posts to come...:)

  2. It is a new day.

    I woke up this morning wondering how it will be…

    to dream and work in at least partial agreement with a president instead of constantly resisting one

    to appreciate and even support federal policies instead of constantly criticizing and protesting them

    to see myself in the face of a president - whose ethnicity is different than mine - and with whom I identify closely

    It’s going to take some practice to remain so hopeful and generous as I feel today.

    I’m going to have to change some ingrained habits if I hope to work effectively with a government I have cried out against for so long.

    There’s a lot of healing to do and deep reconciliation needed to bridge political divides.

    President elect Obama is the fulfillment of a long dream, a turning point in the human freedom struggle, and the first page in a new chapter of public work against great odds.

    I’m ready to begin… again. I’m ready to work together, to be "the people we’ve been waiting for." I’m ready to let tears of joy become a cry of hope. With cautious optimism, tempered by many disappointments, I'll join in the chorus today with Bruce and Steve and Barack and say...

    Yes we can!

  3. I am not as eloquent as Bruce, Mike and Steve, but believe - have to believe - that positive change is coming, and yes we can all help with that change - for the sake of all of us here now and future generations. I pray every day for our country and the world to get better, for all to find peace and prosperity in the years ahead. I am usually the negative one in our household, but this time I am the positive one - I hope Obama and the team he selects to advise him don't disappoint us.

  4. As an Indepentant I am in a quandary. I am a fiscal conservative and a Liberal socialist, with a little old Catholic ideas thrown in.

    My is a hope for a social progressive with the common sense to spend our money where it will do the most good (without graft) to encourage job growth, education, health care. Please let us do something for those hard working contributers who need green cards. Let's vet them and give them the right to work at decent wages. We need to give President Obama four years to see what he can change.

    Sorry It is late and I ramble.

  5. The power of pray. It can provide insite to solve emotional concerns, family & social interaction and even financial problems. God doesn't shout at us but if you quietly listen you may hear his answer. Pray can provide peace when there are no answers (The loss of love ones or anything beyond your control) Yes i do beleive.


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