Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Can't Chase My Dinner on the Savanna Right Now Because My Brakelight's Out

I'm proud to say that I just changed the rear right breaklight on my SUV.
And that's really sad.
When I bought my first car (1977 Le Car) back when I was 19 for $300, I wold regularly change the oil, give it a tune up (gapping the plugs and timing the points!) and change the tires (often because they were permanently out of alignment). I even installed a makeshift switch to turn on the fan to cool the radiator when that crapped out.
But then I graduated from collage and started making "good money". I bought a nicer car, a Nissan 200sx) and decided that Midas, CarX and Firestone could do the work for me. It was worth the money not to get dirty and frustrated.
When I moved into my first place with a lawn, I bought a top-of-the line lawnmower that mulched and bagged in one easy step. The next year I payed a guy $40 a month to take care of my small lawn.
And now we live in a condo were we do nothing except house cleaning, which we COULD pay someone else to do.
The bottom line is that I'm very happy to spend money to let someone else do the dirty work that isn't really that dirty or difficult.
I guess I'm living the American Dream!
The downside of course is that if/when society collapses, I'm screwed.
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